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Container Security


Why Container Security is Important?

The same flexibility that makes containers useful to developers also poses a security challenge. In every container, there are naturally going to be many different and individually complex components that can all introduce security risks and vulnerabilities.

The biggest cloud security threat facing container users is the false assumption that containers equal security. The container is only as secure as the code that runs in it and the infrastructure it runs on.

There are some security benefits to using software containers. Generally speaking, containers are easier to patch than virtual machines, and you won’t have to worry about operating systems as much.

Approaching Container Security

Our approach to container security is direct, while handling the containers; we also look into the host environment which may enable container breakouts and put the entire network at risk. The approach flows as:

  • Securing Images
  • Combating Vulnerabilities before Deployment
  • Hardening the Host Environment
  • Using Container Security Tools
  • Building Container Security into the CI/CD.